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The ICCP is the fully managed and integrated solutions provider for both exporters and importers. Over 10 years of practical experience, our Team have the most powerful tools to help hundreds of exporters to penetrate the Gulf, Africa, and Middle East markets, and help them to avoid complicated procedures, delayed shipments and pay additional fees that do not need to clear their goods. We Provide assurance to our clients to get the Conformity certificates as per the Turn-around defined.

We are not limited to issuing the Certificates to our client to clear the shipment, we always stand by our clients till the time shipment reaches the destination country. We are the Completed A to Z Solution for our client by consulting them in below expertise:

  1. Conformity certifications to ME and African Countries Including and not limited to Saudi, Iraq, Kenya, and East Africa

  2. Helping our client to get the Inspection/Audit report as per their respective country protocols

  3. Complete Logistic from end-to-end point

  4. Help our customers to get the Management System certification (ISO 9001)

  5. Third Party Testing from Lab


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